Identity Quiz: Results

Your score: 4-8 - Middle of the Road

How did those responses feel to you?

Your scores say that although you're handling your business, there are still some places that you may be feeling a little lost. Maybe the relationship you're in has you compromising a little more than usual - or maybe you just need to tighten up your self-care plan.

Regardless of where those places are, the time to start taking care of it is right now.

Because once you start compromising yourself, your values, and the things that you love, the rest can fall away rather dramatically.

So what now?

I'd suggest checking out this blog post to give you some ideas of places you may be able to strengthen yourself. Walk through your life with your eyes open and aware of where those compromises are - what role are you holding a little too tightly to? Parent? Spouse? Career?

Firm up those boundaries in the areas that you can, because the world is no good with people floating through it that aren't being who they were made to be each day.

If you feel like there's a change needed but can't quite pinpoint where to start, you may need some professional help and accountability to get started. Reach out - to me or to a counselor in your area.

You are made for more than a job. You are made to be more than a parent. You are made to be more than a spouse. 

Let's make sure that you are living this life in the best way that you can - one that gives the world the gift of you at your full potential.