Discover your identity. Find your joy.

Online counseling for busy moms and professionals in South Carolina.

You can do hard things. 

I know it, because I see people just like you every day.


And let's be really clear: sometimes hard things look like keeping you and everyone around you on task, shuffling from one thing to the next - and then the next - and checking off every box that you could’ve thought of (and then some) and trying to keep your head on straight through it all.


But also, sometimes hard things look like trying to find the energy to just get out of bed in the morning.


Every day, you see the articles and books about “reducing stress,” “finding balance,” and "living your best life" and your eyes roll out of your head - because, honestly? There will never be enough balance, and if there was a way to really reduce stress, you probably would’ve already done it.


Your life is full, by all outside accounts. Your family, career, friendships, and plans for the future all can fit in a shiny, happy social media post - but if anyone were to pull back the curtain… well, that would just be your worst nightmare.


They’d probably find: anxiety that keeps you paralyzed and unable to make any big changes, and depression that zaps any energy you might be able to shore up. 

They'd find some shallow relationships, and others that are dysfunctional or full of resentment, and frequent screaming matches with your kids and your spouse.

They might see the exhaustion and burnout the plagues your life day after day, and how much pressure you feel to just get through it because of other people's expectations of what needs done.

So most days, you white-knuckle your way through.

But the truth is that deep inside, you really just long for purpose and meaning in your life - if that is even a real thing - and wish you believed in the joy that everyone else talks so much about.

That’s where I come in.

Let me tell you something - you aren't alone. Social media, self-help books, and blogs all over the internet make it seem like all of your problems can be fixed at the end of a "5 Ways To..." list. But most of the time, it isn't that simple.

People often need additional support that can get them from here to there.

Counseling with me can help when you are feeling overwhelmed, stuck, lonely, anxious, depressed, or you feel like you’ve done everything that you can on your own but still just aren't in a good place.

Together, we will confront anxiety and depression, sift through shame and guilt, and work on building you up from the inside. 

We will examine your thought processes with curiosity, and learn how to let go of the ones that aren’t serving you well.

While working with me, you’ll be able to wade through the circumstances of your life and rediscover your identity, helping you move forward from other people's expectations and figure out what your real priorities are.

It's your life. i want to help you Start living it.

And look, I also understand that you’re already busy with life and that the last thing that you want is to have to wade through traffic to another meeting or appointment.

That is why I’ve built my practice exclusively online, for busy people just like you.

Just like lots of things in life (including, probably, the reason you are seeking therapy to begin with!), just because we’ve always done something one way doesn’t mean that it’s the only way, or best way, to do it.


In fact, online counseling gives scheduling flexibility, eliminates the stress of having to sit in traffic to get somewhere, and often allows my clients to feel comfortable more quickly than a traditional, unfamiliar office setting.

Lets work together to find a better way.



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"Using the online format is the only thing that kept me from cancelling on hard days, so I could continue to make progress."

Murrells Inlet, SC