• are an encourager, a supportive voice for others on their journey.

  • have big goals, passions, and dreams.

  • generally know what you want and take steps towards it.

  • start out strong towards what you want.

  • when it comes to your own journey, it takes lots of missteps and failure before it seems there is any progress at all.

  • you secretly worry that you'll wake up in 10 years in the same place that you are now.

  • it seems like often those steps are easy at first, but get harder and harder as life continues to happen.

  • sometimes you lack follow-through, and knowing this often demotivate you from even starting.

Goal Setting with Integrity

A 4-week group online coaching program that guides you towards setting goals that you can reach, and loving yourself along the way.

How it Works

Each week, you will receive a packet to review and begin thinking through on your own. No need to complete it before the call, receiving it early gives you time to scan it and know what is coming.

Group coaching video calls take place at the same time each week. This time is when you will work together to dig through the week's concepts, and begin understanding where traditional goal-setting models fail and you can begin laying out your own personal strategy for success.

Upon completion of the 4 weeks of group, you will have a 45-minute 1:1 coaching session scheduled with me to review what you've learned and work through any other barriers to implementation you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is group coaching?​

  • Group coaching for this program is hosted online, over a secure videoconferencing platform. For best results, this program is capped at 6 participants per group. This format allows for participants to glean insight not only from me, but from others in the group, and build camaraderie that often leads to faster progress. 

What happens if I can't attend all of the live sessions?

  • You will receive best results from this program if you can attend all 4 group coaching calls and participate. However, because this is sometimes not possible, if someone needs to miss a session, it will be recorded so they don't miss any content. No refunds will be given for missing a group call.

Do I need any special equipment?

  • The videoconferencing system used is called Zoom, and is a quick, free download on your PC, Mac, or tablet. This software, along with a working web cam, audio, and a high-speed internet connection, will be all that you need.

What will be my biggest takeaways from this program?

  • My goal with this program is for you to change your mindset around goal-setting. We often set traditional goals around what society tells us we "should" be doing, and don't consider our own values and real desires when we set those goals. This course will help you to identify your values and use them to build integrity into your goal-setting, allowing you to create goals that have real meaning and impact on your life, which in turn will help you meet them.