Has anyone told you that you don't have to be a superhero?

I help moms just like you break through their fear and anxiety so they can model empowerment and self-confidence to their daughters and sons, raising gracious, independent children that are ready to face the world head-on.

          • Silence your inner critic
          • Make decisions confidently
          • Learn how to stop allowing fear to control your life
          • Prioritize self-care (really.)
          • Build healthy, meaningful relationships
          • Foster your children’s independence, purpose, and identity – by finding and                           modeling your own.


Does this sound terrifying and impossible? It should – but it isn’t as scary as the alternative.

The majority of moms that I work with walk through life allowing their fears and barriers to hold them back from what is possible. This is detrimental to the children they are raising – and perpetuates cycles of complacency.

Do we want to teach our children to dream big or to settle for what is in front of them?

Let’s teach our kids to settle for more.

But first – you have to show them.

Reach out today so that we can begin to break these patterns within you.

Helping Moms Remember They Are More Than Moms