The Questions You Want to Ask..

Q: Hi Brooke! What kind of therapy do you do?

A: Hey! I consider myself an eclectic therapist, but most of what I do is solution-focused brief therapy.


Q: What does that mean?!


A: Hm, good question. It basically means that depending on your needs and desires in therapy, I use several different modalities. My favorite is solution-focused brief therapy, because it digs in to the work of recognizing and changing patterns right away, and doesn’t keep people in therapy for years – most clients see good results within just a couple of weeks.


Q: So I only have to go to therapy for a couple of weeks and then everything is fixed?


A: Wouldn’t that be amazing? The truth is that making changes usually takes some time and practice. So we would implement some changes within the first couple of weeks, and then continue meeting for a few more to talk through any emotions, blocks, and barriers that you may experience after making those changes, so we can make sure they stick. We then can adjust based on your progress (or lack of), and continue with that process until the changes feel comfortable, and you no longer feel stuck where you were!


Q: That sounds good. Is this approach different than CBT? I’ve heard that works well.


A: Yeah! CBT, or cognitive behavioral therapy, does tend to work well for lots of different issues, and I often use lots of CBT strategies within my solution-focused approach! That is exactly why being eclectic in my approach allows me to be flexible based on your needs.


Q: I think I’m getting it… but how do I know if I even need therapy? Isn’t that for severe mental health issues? I’m really just frustrated with my relationship right now, I’m not even sure if it warrants therapy.


A: Look, you’re here right now reading this, aren’t you? No matter what is stressing you out right now, therapy can help you to get some laser-focused support from a skilled professional; a professional that you pay to put their own stresses away for an entire hour and focus on yours.


My guess is that since you’re here, you either have already talked through these issues with your friends and their solutions either don’t work or don’t stick, or you don’t feel comfortable talking about this particular issue with them at all!   


Counseling allows us to dig in, get focused, and build a relationship in which I can ask hard questions and challenge you without risk of losing that long-term friend or family member.

I am able to see clearly the patterns about you that you don’t notice, and your loved ones can’t (or choose not to) see.


Q: You’re saying there are things about myself that I don’t know?


A: Yes. For example, have you ever said you wanted to lose five pounds and started the process, but then just gave up?


Q: Yeah, but that’s because I don’t have will power, right?


A: Maybe, but I’m guessing there are some places in your life that you could show me in which you do actually have will power and are able to excel. So together, we can recognize where those thought patterns don’t hold water and use your strengths to propel you to growth in other places.


Q: But let’s be real - isn’t a therapist someone that I just vent to about my week?


A: If that’s how you want to use your time, I guess. But that would quickly get pretty old for both of us. My job is to challenge you to go a little bit deeper and get you to a place of integrity between your values and your choices. Venting definitely won’t get you there.


Instead, if you’re motivated to dig in and do some real work with me, we can move past venting and recognize the patterns in your life that are keeping you stagnant and unfulfilled, and make real steps toward change.